Support & TOOLS


Here are a few of the key resources I recommend to help you align your faith and work to achieve God-honoring business success. I have used every one of the products I recommend, and I’ve got full confidence they’ll help you improve your business and life.

– Neal Rice, President of Profit & Honor

Recommended Books

Business God’s Way by Howard Dayton. This book is a treasure trove of simple ideas to build, manage and grow your business. Every key idea is backed by scripture, and time-tested by Howard Dayton, a true Kingdom Entrepreneur.

Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. Distracted much? Put Michael Hyatt’s strategies to work to reclaim your focus and maximize your impact. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to bring sanity back to a crazy work life.

The Go Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Remind yourself of the true purpose of your work- serving others. Read The Go Giver to refocus on how to best serve your team, your customers, and your community.

The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni. Lencioni’s teaching is second to none in organizational development. In this effort, he applies his business lens to the most important organization in our lives- our families. This is a great read for spouses raising children, or for anyone who wants a thoughtful strategy for how to run their family life. 
In But Not Of by Hugh Hewitt. A fantastic guide to Christian ambition, Hewitt’s book is perfect for young potential leaders, and anyone who wants to influence the world without sacrificing Christian values. 

Recommended Products

Microsoft Surface Pro. A fantastic tool that has full Microsoft Windows capability. The touch screen feature gives it a versatile feel, and makes it easy to present information to customers and your team. The Surface Pro is a tablet with PC firepower.
Full Focus Planner. This is the definitive tool to organize your personal and business life for maximum impact. The Full Focus Planner comes with a set of tutorial videos to explain the key strategies and methods built into the planner. Use this tool to focus your goals and achieve your biggest priorities every day. More than a planner, no other competing product compares. Highly recommended!
UPLIFT Stand Up Desk. UPLIFT creates a great product for those who spend much of their day at their desk. We recommend an adjustable version so that you can split your days between standing and sitting, which can help with focus, productivity, and physical health. Did you know studies routinely show we think better while standing on our feet? Stop settling for sitting- stand up and move up!

Recommended Podcasts

Lead to Win. This is our “go-to” weekly podcast on productivity. Michael Hyatt and his team continuously produce top-notch content to help business leaders win at work and at home.

The Village Church- Sermons.  Fill your bucket with a weekly sermon rooted in the Word.  A Gospel-centered church, with pastor Matt Chandler and his leadership team teaching worship, community, and disciple-making.  Caution: listen to it for sure, but no podcast is a substitute for a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving local church of your own! You’ll get that same message right from Pastor Matt himself.

EntreLeadership. This podcast from Dave Ramsey’s team provides insight from a broad array of business, church and military leaders. If you’re looking for a way to learn from the top leaders and influencers in America, this is it!

A word on Affiliate Marketing:

At Profit and Honor, we only recommend products we use and love! If you buy a product through a link on our site, we might receive compensation from the seller if we are participating in their affiliate program. Affiliate programs can be a great “win-win”. We connect you to products that will serve you well, and in return we receive funds to help support our work here at Profit and Honor! Let us know if you love the products we recommend as much as we do!