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On The Tablet of Your Heart: 3 Steps to an Effective Business Vision

Want to succeed in your business vision? Then you’d better write it down. A recent survey of over 3,000 business owners showed that writing down a business plan makes you over twice as likely to grow your business and meet your goals. I’m not surprised. After all, the...

Equally Yoked: 5 Ways to Test a Business Partner

Would you marry someone who didn’t share your values and vision for the future? Not if you know what’s good for you! Business partners are no different- follow these five steps to get to know your potential partner before you take the plunge. The comedian Will Ferrell...

Money and Happiness: Prepare Your Heart and Business for Lean Times

We all know the saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”.  Ever wonder if it’s actually true?  A 2015 study by a team of Ohio State and University of Georgia professors found that 2008’s Great Recession caused psychological distress, depression, and even...

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