Faith and Work = Success

At Profit & Honor, we have one clear goal: Help you align your faith and work to create God-honoring business success.


Our Approach

Profit & Honor’s approach to business is unique in today’s marketplace.. We focus on practical steps for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are backed up with God’s Word.  We can help you find purpose and fulfillment in your business and life.  By combining the power of God with the power of business, you can find lasting fulfillment in your business and positively impact your community.

Do you believe your business has the power to positively change your life and community?

At Profit & Honor, we will help you stay grounded in God’s word, and take flight in the effects of combining Biblical Business Principles with your work in the marketplace.

Here’s what we want for you:

  • Begin to think of your business as a platform to fulfill God’s vision for your life
  • Understand that your business belongs to God, and that He will empower you to succeed when you’re rooted in Him
  • Build your trust in God, and understand His desire for you to build your business on Biblical principles
  • Create a business with an impeccable reputation, that serves customers with distinction, and that grows as a result of that reputation
  • Attract, keep and honor excellent employees
  • Impact the marketplace by doing business with integrity and honor
  • Impact your community by becoming a key, reliable partner and resource
  • Create profitability with the intent of increasing your income, blessing your employees, and giving generously to your community