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Profit With Purpose

“I want more people to prosper in their business- not by neglecting God’s guidance for business, but by embracing it. That’s why I created Profit & Honor.”


Neal Rice, Business Attorney and Entrepreneur

Get The 5 Freedoms of Christian Business Leaders here. A powerful roadmap to realign your thinking for maximum success.

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god is power

God empowers people to have a greater impact with Him than they could have alone.

business makes a difference

Business is a tool to create life-changing, personal and community impact.

god and business = Next Level success

Combining God and Business leads to supernatural results that can change your life, define your purpose, and improve the world.


“We have worked with Neal Rice on multiple business transactions. His practical advice, clear communication, and character-driven approach have helped us to simplify our business lives while growing our profitability.  He has proven himself to be knowledgeable honest and trustworthy.  Neal is an asset to our businesses.”
Joel and Sara Bare President,Owners of Joel Bare Woodworking and Past Presidents, Owners of New Holland Coffee Company, LLC

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“Business and the Bible go hand in hand. Most business owners don’t know it but putting God at the center of your business brings dynamic results.”


Neal Rice, Business Attorney and Entrepreneur